Talks and Homilies

In Memory of Peter & Helen Murray. Download pdf: Murray-MemoryofPeterandHelen

Hamer Family Wedding Homilies. Download pdf: Murray-HamerFamilyWeddings

‘John Joseph Murray: A Family Perspective’. Published as an epilogue to Major General John Joseph Murray, I Confess: A Memoir of the Seige of Tobruk. Newport NSW: Big Sky Publishing, 2011.  Pages 184 – 198. Download pdf: Murray-JohnJosephMurray

‘Light on a Hilltop’, Wedding Homily for Stephen and Susan. 17 October 2010. Download pdf: Murray-LightonaHilltop

‘The Many Faces of Love’, Wedding Homily for Teresa and Stephen, 12 October 2019.  Download pdf: Murray-ManyFacesofLove