Marist and Pacific Mission History

The books included in the Marist and Pacific Mission History project are listed in the following Word documents.  The multiple documents take account that this has been a work in progress.  Should you notice any mistakes, please notify me at andrewmurraysm [at] The second major update was launched on 2 February 2021.

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For the books that were scanned into PDF format, there are now two versions – the original large file and a smaller file of reduced resolution.  The smaller file is quite readable and likely to be more useful.  The file name of the smaller file has the suffix: _S. References to small files are in blue. References to large files are in green. Links to the actual downloads are in red.

Marist Pacific Mission History – English

Breheret sm, Jean-Baptiste. The Levuka Journal 1866 to 1888. Translated from the original French manuscript by John Crispin sm. Suva: CEPAC, 2016.
Download pdf (1MB): Breheret_LevukaJournal

Burke fms, Roger. St Peter Chanel 1803 – 1841. Gladstone Qld: Parish of Gladstone, 1988.
Download small pdf (4MB): Burke_PeterChanel_S
Download pdf (13MB): Burke_PeterChanel

Chanel sm, Peter. Ever your Poor Brother: Surviving Letters and Futuna Journal. Translated by William Joseph Stuart and Anthony Ward sm. Rome: Publications of the General Archives of the Society of Mary, 1991.
Download small pdf (43MB):  ChanelPeter_Letters_S
Download pdf (110MB): ChanelPeter_Letters

Christieson sm, Karin. In a Hidden Manner: The Story of the Marists Sisters in Aotearoa-New Zealand. Auckland: Marist Sisters of NZ Trust board, 2011.
Download small pdf (8MB):  Christieson_MaristSistersNewZealand_S
Download pdf (23MB): Christieson_MaristSistersNewZealand

Clisby fms, Edward. Far Distant Shores: The Marist Brothers of the Schools in New Zealand, Samoa, Fiji, Tonga and Kiribati 1838-2013.  Auckland: New Zealand Marist Brothers Trust Board: 2017.
Download pdf (49MB): Clisby_FarDistantShores_S

Clisby fms, Edward. Marist Brothers and the Maori 1838 – 1988. Hillsborough NZ: Marist Publications, 2001.
Download small pdf (46MB):  Clisby_MaristBrothersMaori_S
Download pdf (140MB): Clisby_MaristBrothersMaori

Decker sm, Charles F. Saving the Solomons: From the Diary Account of Mother Mary Rose smsm. Bedford MA: The Marist Missions, 1948.
Download small pdf (28MB):  Decker_SavingSolomons-Mary Rose_S
Download pdf (52MB): Decker_SavingSolomons-MaryRose

Delbos msc, Georges. The Catholic Church in New Caledonia: A Century and a Half of History. English translation by Derek Finlay sm. Nouméa: CEPAC 2001.
Download small pdf (49MB):  Delbos_ChurchNewCaledonia_S
Download pdf (125MB): Delbos_ChurchNewCaledonia

Delbos msc, Georges. The Catholic Church in Wallis and Futuna (1837 – 2004). Suva: CEPAC, 2004.
Download small pdf (27MB):  Delbos_ChurchWallisFutuna_S
Download pdf (77MB): Delbos_ChurchWallisFutuna

Deniau sm, Alfred. The Catholic Church in Fiji 1844 – 1886. Translated from the French Manuscript by John Crispin. Suva: Fr John Crispin sm, 2013.
Download pdf (2MB): Deniau_CatholicChurchFiji

Doyle fms, Brother Alban. The Story of the Marist Brothers in Australia 1872 – 1972. Sydney: The Marist Brothers of the Schools, 1972.
Download small pdf (59MB):  Doyle_MaristBrothersAustralia_S
Download pdf (156MB): Doyle_MaristBrothersAustralia

Fitzgerald, Michael and François Grossin sm. Alive in Memory: A Biographic Necrology of Oceania Marist Province 1836 – 2011. Revised 4th edition. Suva: Oceania Marist Province, 2011.
Download small pdf (21MB):  FitzgeraldGrossin_NecrologyOceaniaMarist_S
Download pdf (61MB): FitzgeraldGrossin_NecrologyOceaniaMarist

Gilmore, Florence (translator). The Martyr of Futuna: Blessed Peter Chanel of the Society of Mary. New York: Catholic Foreign Mission Society of America, 1917.
Download small pdf (20MB): Gilmore_PeterChanel_S
Download pdf (44MB): Gilmore_PeterChanel

Graystone sm, Philip. Saint Peter Chanel sm: First Martyr of the South Pacific. Norfolk: Marist Fathers, England, 1994.
Download small pdf (8MB):  Graystone_PeterChanel_S
Download pdf (22MB): Graystone_PeterChanel

Hosie, John. Challenge: The Marists in Colonial Australia. Sydney: Allen & Unwin, 1987.
Download small pdf (34MB):  Hosie_MaristsColonialAustralia_S
Download pdf (34MB): Hosie_MaristsColonialAustralia

Lambert sm, Francis. One Hundred Years of Mission: The Catholic Church in New Hebrides – Vanuatu. Port Vila: Diocese of Port Villa, 1987.
Download small pdf (13MB):  Lambert_ChurchVanuatu_S
Download pdf (35MB): Lambert_ChurchVanuatu

Laracy, Hugh. Marists and Melanesians: A History of Marist Missions in the Solomon Islands. Canberra: ANU Press, 1976. (Includes missions in South and North Solomon Islands.)
Download pdf (12MB): Laracy_MaristMissionsinMelanesia

McBride sm, Joan C. A Constant Gospel in a Changing Church: Marist Sisters in Fiji 1892 – 1990. Revised Thesis from University of New England, 1991.
Download small pdf: (14MB):  McBride_MaristSistersFiji_S
Download pdf (42MB): McBride_MaristSistersFiji

McBride sm, Joan C. When we are Weak Then we are Strong: A History of the Marist Sisters in Australia 1907 – 1984. Haberfield, NSW: Marist Sisters, 2006.
Download small pdf (18MB):  McBride_MaristSistersAustralia_S
Download pdf (48MB): McBride_MaristSistersAustralia

McCane fms, Lawrence. Melanesian Stories: Marist Brothers in Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea 1845 – 2003. Madang: Marist Brothers, 2004.
Download pdf (5MB): McCane_MelanesianStories
Lawrence has made more material available on the Melanesian Stories website:

McHardy sm, Emmet. Blazing the Trail: Letters from the North Solomons. Edited by Eileen Duggan. Sydney: Thomas Wade sm DD, 1935.
Download small pdf (22MB):  McHardy_BlazingTheTrail_S
Download pdf (49MB): McHardy_BlazingTheTrail

McMurrich sm, Peter. Not Angels, nor Men Confirmed in Grace: The Marists in Post-Federation Australia, 1892-1938. Sydney: Revised MA Thesis, 2008.
Download pdf (2MB): McMurrich_MaristsPost-FederationAustralia

McMurrich sm, Peter. The Harmonising Influence of Religion: St Patrick’s Church Hill, 1840 to the Present. Sydney: Patrick Books, 2011.
Download small pdf (20MB):  McMurrich_SaintPatricksSydney_S
Download pdf (49MB): McMurrich_SaintPatricksSydney

Mijolla smsm, Marie Cécile de and Amelia Tufale pfm. From Vendée to the Ends of the Earth: Sister Marie de la Croix (1831 – 1908) Missionary in New Caledonia. Translated by Julienne Hayes-Smith smsm. Rome: Missionary Sisters of the Society of Mary, 2008.
Download small pdf (20MB):  Mijolla_SisterMarieDeLaCroix-S
Download pdf (66MB): Mijolla_SisterMarieDeLaCroix

Mijolla smsm, Marie Cécile de. Origins in Oceania: Missionary Sisters of the Society of Mary 1845 – 1931. Rome: Missionary Sisters of the Society of Mary, 1984.
Download small pdf (30MB):  Mijolla_SMSMOriginsOceania_S
Download pdf (64MB): Mijolla_SMSMOriginsOceania

Mijolla smsm, Marie Cécile de. Une Lyonnaise: Marie Françoise Perroton (1796 – 1873) Missionnaire en Océanie; A Woman from Lyons: Marie Françoise Perroton (1796 – 1873) Missionary in Oceania. Translated from the French by Yvette Marie Mizzi and Marie Lamerand smsm. Rome: Missionary Sisters of the Society of Mary, 1997.
Download small pdf (13MB):  Mijolla_MarieFrancoisePerroton_S
Download pdf (38MB): Mijolla_MarieFrancoisePerroton

Missionary Sisters of the Society of Mary. The Vocation of the Pioneers: At the Origins of the Missionary Sisters of the Society of Mary. Rome: Missionary Sisters of the Society of Mary, 2005.
Download small pdf (8MB):  SMSM_VocationPioneers_S
Download pdf (25MB): SMSM_VocationPioneers

O’Brien smsm, Claire. A Greater than Solomon Here: A story of Church in Solomon Islands. Honiara: Catholic Church of Solomon Islands, 1995.
Download small pdf (20MB):  OBrien_ChurchSolomonIslands_S
Download pdf (57MB): OBrien_ChurchSolomonIslands

O’Brien smsm, Claire. To Celebrate My Son: A History of the Marist Missionary Sisters. Sydney: SMSM, 1989.
Download small pdf (17MB):  OBrien_ToCelebrateMySon_S
Download pdf (43MB): OBrien_ToCelebrateMySon

Raucaz sm, L. M. In the Savage South Solomons: A Story of a Mission. Unstated: The Society for the Propagation of the Faith, 1928,
Download small pdf (41MB):  Raucaz_MissionSouthSolomons_S
Download pdf (66MB): Raucaz_MissionSouthSolomons

Roach sm, Kevin J. Venerable Jean-Claude Colin and the Mission in New Zealand, 1838-1848. Second edition. Edited by Gaston Lessard sm and Andrew Murray sm. Wellington: Society of Mary, 2021.
Download pdf (1.3MB): Roach_ColinNZMission

Roulleaux, Francois and Jean-Baptiste Breheret sm. The Mission of Our Lady of the Seven Sorrows: Lakeba, Fiji 1844-1855. Translated from the French by John Crispin sm. Suva: John Crispin, 2015.
Download pdf (2MB): Roulleaux-Brehert_MissionSevenSorrows

Symes sm, W. J. The Life of St. Peter Chanel: The Marist Missionary Martyr. Boston, Catholic Printing Company, 1963.
Download small pdf (8MB):  Symes_PeterChanel_S
Download pdf (21MB): Symes_PeterChanel

Unknown. The Marist Missions in the South Seas. Lyon: Librairie Emmanuel Vitte, 1931.
Download small pdf (10MB):  Unknown_MissionsSouthSeas_S
Download pdf (16MB): Unknown_MissionsSouthSeas

Van de Wert fms, Kees. Marist Brothers Novitiate Lomeri Fiji: 25 Years 1971 – 1996. Lomeri: Marist Brothers, 1996.
Download small pdf (9MB):  VanDeWert_LomeriFiji_S
Download pdf (24MB): VanDeWert_LomeriFiji

Wiltgen, Ralph M. The Founding of the Roman Catholic Church in Oceania 1825 – 1850. Canberra: ANU Press, 1979.
Download pdf (47MB): Wiltgen_FoundingCatholicChurchOceania

Marist Pacific Mission History – French

Blanc sm, Joseph. Histoire Religieuse de L’Archipel Fidjien. Vol 1. Toulon: Sainte-Jeanne d’Arc, 1926.
Download small pdf (28MB): Blanc_HistoireReligieuseFidjien_S
Download pdf (49MB): Blanc_HistoireReligieuseFidjien

Blanc sm, Joseph. L’heritage d’un évěque d’Océanie. Toulon: Jeanne d’Arc, 1921.
Download small pdf (47MB):  Blanc_HeritageEvequeOceanie_S
Download pdf (74MB): Blanc_HeritageEvequeOceanie

Chanel sm, Pierre. Écrits de S. Pierre Chanel. Ědités par Claude Rozier sm. Rome: Les Peres Maristes, 1960.
Download small pdf (60MB):  ChanelPierre_Ecrits_S
Download pdf (134MB): ChanelPierre_Ecrits

Delbos msc, Georges. L’Église Catholique au Vanuatu. Suva: CEPAC, 2001.
Download small pdf (54MB):  Delbos_EgliseVanuatu_S
Download pdf (146MB): Delbos_EgliseVanuatu

Delbos msc, Georges. L’Église Catholique en Nouvelle-Calédonie: Un Siècle et demi d’histoire. Paris: Éditions Desclée, 1993.
Download small pdf (45MB): Delbos_EgliseNouvelleCaledonie_S
Download pdf (123MB): Delbos_EgliseNouvelleCaledonie

Delbos, Georges. L’Église Catholique À Wallis et Futuna (1837 – 2004). Suva: CEPAC, 2004.
Download small pdf (27MB):  Delbos_EgliseWallisFutuna_S
Download pdf (73MB): Delbos_EgliseWallisFutuna

Douceré sm, Victor. La Mission Catholique aux Nouvelles Hébrides. Lyon: Emanuel Vitte, 1934.
Download small pdf (75MB): Doucere_MissionNovellesHebrides_S
Download pdf (119MB): Doucere_MissionNovellesHebrides

Gilibert, Jean sm. Voyage sans Retour: Missionnaire Mariste chez les Kanaks de 1858 à 1891. Transcription et notice biographique par Marie-Louise Gondal. Introduction historique et annotations par Frédéric Angleviel. Suva: CEPAC, 2007.
Download small pdf (49MB): Gilibert_VoyageSansRetour_S
Download pdf (131MB): Gilibert_VoyageSansRetour

Lanfrey fms, André. ‘Frère Joseph Chatelet (Frère Hyacinthe) – 1817-1847’. In Joseph Ronzon, Frères Maristes en Océanie, pp. 89 à 95 (unpublished manuscript).
Download pdf (1MB): Lanfrey_ FrereHyacinthe

Lanfrey fms, André. ‘Le F. Hyacinthe dans la Société de Marie’.  Manuscript, 2020.
Download pdf (1MB): Lanfrey_FrereHyacintheDansSM

Mijolla smsm, Marie Cécile de and Amelia Tufale pfm. Une Vendéenne au bout du monde: Soeur Marie do la Croix (1831-1908) Missionnaire en Nauvelle Calédonie. Rome: Missionary Sisters of the Society of Mary, 2008.
Download small pdf (20MB): Mijolla_SoeurMarieDeLaCroix_S
Download pdf (63MB): Mijolla_SoeurMarieDeLaCroix

Mijolla smsm, Marie Cécile de. Les Pionnières Maristes en Océanie: aux origines des soeurs missionnaires de la Société de Marie 1845 – 1931. Rome: Missionary Sisters of the Society of Mary, 1980.
Download small pdf (42MB):  Mijolla_PionnieresMaristes_S
Download pdf (75MB): Mijolla_PionnieresMaristes

Mijolla smsm, Marie Cécile de. Une Lyonnaise: Marie Françoise Perroton (1796 – 1873) Missionnaire en Océanie; A Woman from Lyons: Marie Françoise Perroton (1796 – 1873) Missionary in Oceania. Translated from the French by Yvette Marie Mizzi and Marie Lamerand smsm. Rome: Missionary Sisters of the Society of Mary, 1997.
Download small pdf (13MB):  Mijolla_MarieFrancoisePerroton_S
Download pdf (38MB): Mijolla_MarieFrancoisePerroton

Ronzon fms, Joseph. De Saint Laurent d’Agny à l’île de Futuna, Jean-Marie Delorme, F. Marie Nizier: Compagnon de Mission de St Pierre Chanel Prêtre Mariste Martyr. Digital Version. St Genis-Laval: La Province de France, 1996.
Download pdf (5MB): Ronzon_FrereMarie-Nizier

Rozier sm, Claude. L’Église sur le Caillou: Avant les Communards. Nouméa: Ile de Lumière, 1997.
Download small pdf (35MB): Rozier_EgliseCaillou_S
Download pdf (86MB): Rozier_EgliseCaillou

Rozier sm, Claude. La Nouvelle-Calédonie Ancienne. Paris: Fayard, 1990.
Download small pdf (35MB):  Rozier_NovelleCaledonieAncienne_S
Download pdf (82MB): Rozier_NovelleCaledonieAncienne

Rumain, René (ed). Lettres du Père Paul Monnier à sa familie (1950-1996). Suva: Bluebird Printery, 2008.
Download small pdf (22MB):  Rumain_LettresPaulMonnier_S
Download pdf (58MB): Rumain_LettresPaulMonnier

Sacco, Paul. Lettres du Père Albert Sacco à sa famille. Suva: CEPAC, 2013.
Download small pdf (51MB): Sacco_LettresFamille_S
Download pdf (150MB): Sacco_LettresFamille

Secondy, Louis. Xavier Montrouzier (1820 – 1897). Suva: CEPAC, 2112.
Download small pdf (25MB):  Secondy_XavierMontrouzier_S
Download pdf (75MB): Secondy_XavierMontrouzier

Other Missions

Calvert, James. Fiji and the Fijians: Mission History. Volume 2. First published 1858. Suva; Fiji Museum, 2003.
Download small pdf (34MB):  Calvert_FijiAndFijiansV2_S
Download pdf (97MB): Calvert_FijiAndFijiansV2

Close-Barry, Kirstie. A Mission Divided: Race, Culture, and Colonialism in Fiji’s Methodist Mission. Canberra: ANU Press, 2013.
Download pdf (3MB): Close-Barry_FijiMethodistMission

Findlay, G.G. and W. W. Holdsworth. The History of the Wesleyan Methodist Mission Society. Volume 3. London: the Epworth Press, 1921. (Includes missions to Australia, New Zealand and the Islands of the South Seas.)
Download pdf (25MB): Findlay_WesleyanMission-v3

Latukefu, Sione. Church and State in Tonga: The Wesleyan Methodist Missionaries and Political Development 1822-1875. Canberra: ANU Press, 1974.
Download pdf (15MB): Latukefu_ChurchStateTonga

Lovett, Richard MA. The History of the London Missionary Society, 1795 – 1895. Volume 1. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1899. (Includes the mission to Polynesia.)
Download pdf (19MB): Lovett_LMSHistory-v1

Lovett, Richard MA. The History of the London Missionary Society, 1795 – 1895. Volume 2. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1899.
Download pdf (42MB): Lovett_LMSHistory-v2

Williams, Thomas. Fiji and the Fijians: The Islands and their Inhabitants. Volume 1. Edited by George Stringer Rowe. First published 1858. Suva Fiji Museum, 1982.
Download small pdf (21MB):  Williams_FijiAndFijiansV1_S
Download pdf (67MB): Williams_FijiAndFijiansV1

Other Works

Laracy, Hugh. Watriama & Co: Further Pacific Islands Portraits. Canberra: ANU E Press, 2013.
Download pdf (2MB): Laracy_PacificIslandsPortraits

Nunn, Patrick D, and Roselyn Kumar. ‘Origins and Environments’. The Routledge International Handbook of Island Studies. June 1981.
Download pdf (4MB): Nunn_IslandOriginsEnvironments

Nunn, Patrick D, Lalit Kumar, Ian Eliot, and Roger F. McLean. ‘Classifying Pacific Islands’. Geoscience Letters 3/7 (2016). Springer Open Access.
Download pdf (4MB): Nunn_ClassifyingPacificIslands

Pirard, Cassian. ‘New Caledonia: Geology and Mining’. ANU Chapter Upload, 2007.
Download pdf (2MB): Pirard_NewCaledonia-GeologyMining

Rasilly sm, Moseniolo Kilano de. Aki Te Tu’i: Tou Fai Kole. Suva: CEPAC, 2015.
Download small pdf (16MB): Rasilly_AkiTeTui_S
Download pdf (41MB): Rasilly_AkiTeTui

Regan, Anthony J and Helga M Griffin (editors). Bougainville before the Conflict. Canberra: ANU eView, 2015.
Download pdf (5MB): ReganGriffin_BougainvilleBeforeConflict

Tui Atua Tupua Tamasese Taisi Efi et al. Pacific Indigenous Dialogue on Faith, Peace, Reconciliation and Good Governance. Apia: Alafua Campus Continuing and Community Education Programme, The University of the South Pacific, 2007.
Download small pdf (28MB):  Tamasese_PacificIndigenousDialogue_S
Download pdf (82MB): Tamasese_PacificIndigenousDialogue

Further Sources

Additional books in the Marist Series with ATF Press are available at:

The Marist Studies Website carries other materials:

The Australian National University Press publishes many works on the Pacific Island region and has a policy of open access to its publications: ANU Press